About Us

With over two decades of collective experience in the real estate market, Cielo Properties was founded by business owner and entrepreneur Abdolghafoor Elahi, better known as Elahi. In coming together with two of his long-time business partners, turned friends, a vision was born that navigates the nuances of the real estate market with a global perspective. With Ahmed Mian sitting at the helm of our Toronto office and Fareed Nasir representing Cielo in London, we have strategically positioned ourselves to cater to the North American and European market. The ambition is clear - Cielo will be a globally represented brand. With two new locations in the making we are venturing towards the east, a testament to the team behind Cielo driving this vision forward.

Our Story

Cielo; much like the word’s Spanish origin, is a representation of the culture that resides within. A community culture of like-minded individuals built on the foundation of servitude, with a human-centric approach  that is guided by traditional family values. Cielo is usually a feminine name that depicts “heaven” and means “sky” or “the part of space above the earth, in which the sun, moon and celestial bodies can be seen; the heavens.”


Welcome to Cielo Properties, Where Dreams Soar and Homes Touch The Sky.


At Cielo Properties, we facilitate journeys that transform aspirations into reality. Specializing in Off Plan Projects and Secondary Properties, we stand as a premier brokerage firm that connects discerning investors and homeowners to exclusive off-plan properties and diverse opportunities within Dubai's vibrant landscape.


The mission is simple; to facilitate and guide you through pivotal life-changing decisions, ensuring a smooth, rewarding, and stress-free journey in securing your future. It means building long-term relationships founded in trust, humility, and transparency. It is the elevation of your access and the expansion of your opportunities in the world of real estate.


Why Dubai?


Dubai's real estate journey mirrors its astounding transformation from sands to skyscrapers, the city's landscape showcases an unparalleled evolution not only in real estate but every industry known to man. It began with the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum's visionary dreams that grew into landmarks like Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa, establishing Dubai on the global stage as a real estate icon. The Dubai government has established and continues to plan new economic clusters based on its success with areas like the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Media City and Internet City. Looking ahead, Sheikh Mohammed's plan for the next 10 years is to continue diversifying the economy where Dubai spearheads innovation and new technology, with a strong focus on sustainability, green initiatives and developing spaces that redefine luxury, innovation, and modern living. The United Arab Emirates’ leadership and ambitions are the driving force behind its growth and development, an inspiration for Cielo and built into its core.


We are hiring

Are you passionate about making a difference and ready to take your career to new heights? We're on the lookout for talented individuals to join our dynamic team.

"I have been in contact with Mr. Elahi from Cielo Properties Dubai for some time, as I was looking for an apartment in City Walk and/or similar prime location. From the first meeting we had, it was clear to me that the standards set by Cielo are high and of superior quality. No matter what I asked of the team and no matter how challenging, Mr. Elahi was always there to find solutions and provide reasonable alternatives. I have to say that I could not have been welcomed by a more friendly and professional broker. I am definitely grateful for everyone at Cielo for the level of professionalism shown when providing their services but a big and a special thanks goes to Mr. Elahi for all the efforts extended to me to obtain the right home for me and ensuring the process was painless."

Private Client
The Acres by MERAAS, a 5 Bedroom Villa of 6,001.42 sq.ft. with a selling price of 11,160,00 AED.

"Best real estate company! Provided all the necessary info, helped on every stage of buying property, everything went very smooth! Thank you Cielo!"

Vallery Kalmykova
Head of Marketing & PR

"It was a truly wonderful experience to be assisted by Cielo in my search for a property to invest in. Cooperative and friendly staff. Never knew it was this simple to find and buy property!"

Taha Salick
Head of Department

"Securing my off-plan apartment through Cielo at the Address Residences was an exceptional journey. Their attention to detail, personalized services, and commitment to excellence made the entire process smooth and efficient. From selection to acquisition, they were quick to act and the team ensured I was well-informed and guided the whole way."

Emily Bennett