Dreaming of Dubai? Here Are The Requirements You Need For The Property Investor Golden Visa!

Due to its rapid economic development and favorable government policies, Dubai attracts people worldwide to establish new businesses or explore more investment opportunities. Are you dreaming of planning a long-term residency in Dubai and don't know what to do? The UAE government offers a long-term Residence Visa, known as a ''Golden Visa,'' for highly qualified foreign expats.  


The investor visa is the most common type of long-term residency visa, requiring a specific financial investment in Dubai. These visas allow individuals to live, work, and invest in the UAE, particularly in Dubai, for an extended period, typically ten years. Let's look at the requirements for a 10-year investor visa in the UAE.


Note: A 10-year investor visa is considered a Golden Visa in Dubai.

Requirements For a 10-Year Investor Visa In UAE 

To get the 10-year investor visa in UAE, you need to fulfill specific requirements, which are listed below:

  1. Invest at least 2 Million AED in a property in Dubai; multiple properties under the applicant's name worth 2 Million AED will also be accepted. 

  2. Suppose the property is purchased through a developer or bank mortgage. In that case, a statement of account from the developer or bank NOC must be required to proceed with the Residence Visa application.  

  3. Applicants must be inside the UAE.

  4. Husband and wife can participate in one property; a marriage certificate, attested by the MOFA and legally translated into Arabic, is required for verification. 

  5. Suppose a husband and wife hold joint property (equal shares) worth less than 4 Million AED. In that case, only one person (spouse) will be eligible to apply for the Golden Visa and then sponsor the other person. If the shares are not equal, only the person with the highest shareholder will be eligible to apply as the primary visa holder and then the sponsor spouse. 

  6. The applicant's name in the title deed must match the name on the passport. 

  7. If the market value exceeds 2 Million AED, title deed owners can apply for the Golden Residence Visa application. For this, an official evaluation certificate is required.  

  8. If the applicant's share should be a minimum of 2 Million AED, a title Deed Jointly between partners is acceptable.

Required Documents For a 10-Year Investor Visa in UAE

You must acquire the following documents to apply for a 10-year investor visa in UAE:

  1. A high-quality digital photo of the applicant, complying with ICP specifications

  2. A Valid Passport Copy (at least more than six months)

  3. Health insurance from any insurance provider in the UAE.

  4. Applicants from Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan must present their national ID.

  5. Old Emirates ID (if applicable).

  6. When a title deed is issued for property in Dubai, the property's stated value on the title deed must be at least 2 Million AED. Properties in other emirates and DIFCA are not accepted.

  7. Medical insurance is mandatory for all residence permit applications per the GDRFA regulation.

10-Year Investor Visa Price In Dubai

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