Dubai Real Estate: Residential Property Market Surges To $110 B In Q1, Says Report

Dubai Real Estate: Residential Property Market Surges To $110 B In Q1, Says Report

Dubai's real estate market experiences a massive upswing in the first quarter of 2024. According to the report the Emirate’s property market witnessed a 55% surge in investment inflows with 42% of new investors calling from international markets. 

Q1 2024 Total Transactions 

Continuing from the record-breaking successes of 2023, the first quarter of 2024 saw an incredible 37,134 transactions in the residential market in Dubai, with a total value of $109.8 billion. 


Property sales value in Dubai over the years based on the Dubai Land Department


Golden Visa Requirement 

According to the report, the increasing trend in the real estate market is anticipated to intensify after the move to waive the $272,294 (AED 1 million) minimum down payment criterion to be entitled to a golden visa through real estate investment.

High Net Worth Individual Influx will be seen in Dubai by 2025

By 2025, high-net-worth individuals are projected to increase by 24.6%, which is expected to drive the ultra-luxury market to exceptional heights. According to the report, Q1 2024 reveals a sustainable expansion in Dubai’s real estate market, underlining its robustness and miscellaneous attraction to investors and buyers worldwide. Q1 highlights a mature and grown real estate landscape due to the balance between off-plan and secondary market sales. This balance reflects investor confidence and market stability, showcasing the stability of the property sector. 

Report Summary


According to the report, the surge in Q1, 2024 highlighted the rugged investor confidence and market liquidity crucial for upholding growth and competitiveness. This report also indicated a growing demand for off-plan properties, signaling a strategic shift in investment preferences and underscoring the sector’s potential for capital appreciation and yield generation.


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