Dubai Real Estate Major Boost From $35bn Airport Development

Dubai Real Estate Sector Set For Major Boost From $35bn Airport Development

The Al Maktoum International Airport expansion is not just a $35bn development project but a significant economic leap towards the future. It is a testament to Dubai's commitment to sustainable growth and its long-term vision for the next fifty years. This project is not just in line with all regional and global developments but is set to shape them, ensuring a secure and prosperous future for Dubai. This project is positioned to positively impact Dubai’s economy, directly driving and boosting the real estate sector by increasing the type and quantity of property in commercial and residential sectors within Dubai South as a result of its proximity to the new airport. This growth will continue to increase and potentially multiply once the project is completed, and the targeted capacity of 260 million passengers is achieved.


Major Boost for the Real Estate Sector

The airport will boost sectors like construction, tourism, travel, transportation, real estate, logistics, retail, export, import, and communications, to name a few. It will create thousands of job opportunities for local companies and welcome foreign investment, increasing the demand for residencies, retail setups, and the demand in all real estate divisions. The real estate sector will most likely be the biggest benefactor from the new airport development and should improve transportation and services in the area for the over 250 million passengers and travelers annually. 


This project has already encouraged developers to start new projects in the Dubai South area and presents compelling opportunities to attract foreign investment in all industries as larger mega-companies are considering moving their Headquarters to the nearby EXPO City. Dubai South is not yet fully developed and as a result, it offers appealing off-plan projects at reasonable prices for the discerning investor looking for a good capital gain. The project's completion will likely trigger a surge in demand, boosting sales and rental leases across all real estate types, from apartments and villas to offices and commercial retail outlets.


Investing in off-plan now, during the early days, is considered a smart move as prices are expected to rise rapidly when the project approaches its completion date.


This development is positioned to help Dubai become the No.1 City in the world. Dubai currently sits in one of the top spots for safe and tax-free investment worldwide. The improvement in infrastructure, new agendas in larger scale projects, and the continued support and growth in all economic areas are only helping investors overcome hurdles. With enhanced offerings in logistics, transportation services, and initiatives to help entrepreneurs start businesses, Dubai is making it easy to reach all markets.


Dubai South: Closer Inspection

A project of this magnitude draws attention to the developing Dubai South. This city within a city is a growing area covering 145 square kilometres and when the new airport development is completed, this little city is anticipated to house one million people. 


Dubai South is Dubai's biggest urban real estate project to date. It's all about creating a complete, fully facilitated, and encompassed aviation and logistics services solution. The aim is to make it the global hub for transportation and help Dubai and the UAE as a whole, grow economically and reach their 2033 goals. It will also include a free zone to provide a conducive environment for business and lifestyle living, catering to its inhabitants with a diverse mix of homes and residential apartments that suit every living style.


Time to Grasp the opportunity

With a multitude of advantages and prospects anticipated for the Al Maktoum Airport project, investors should make time to consider this investment opportunity. Decisions shouldn't be taken lightly as this is a considerably longer-term investment, but if it helps, every project that has been launched within close proximity has been sold out within days. We’ve only noticed a rise in prices since the announcement and can say with confidence that it is projected to continue rising. 


We would be pleased to walk you through the area, the upcoming metro blue line, and all the prospects of this new development. Reach out to us for a free consultation by filling out our contact form and one of our agents will contact you directly to set up a meeting.